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What is the look of the new Meizu 19 flagship: Samsung Galaxy S21 style design and Pentax main camera

The Meizu company is still alive and can keep quiet with new gadgets. Why one of these new products can be the flagship smartphone Meizu 19.

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In one interview, the CEO of Meizu said that in 2022 the company will focus on the production of unique, even simpler, top-end phones. In a nutshell, the same specifics, but one thing is clear: Meizu smartphones need a lot of money.

That’s why the coristuvachi merezhi themselves created Meizu 19, showing how a smartphone can look. On the images of the testimony, the gadget has a white case with thin frames, a “ragged” display made of small rounded edges, and the main camera in two versions of the camera. The first one is a superb rectangular block made of sensors, the other one is designed in the style of Samsung Galaxy S21 with smooth edges.

Ale naytsіkavіshe – renders pull on Meizu spіvpratsyu with Pentax optical sensor when the main camera is folded.

Every time, as long as there is less fantasy. Ale, if it’s due to the schedule of the release of the front flagships of Meizu, then the announcement of Meizu on May 19 will be released later

Let’s guess, with a recent turn, Meizu can buy one of the largest Chinese car manufacturers – Geely.

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